Longevity: Health Wealth of a Nation -1

No longer does a day go by when you do not hear a conversation about someone playing a part in the story of the journey of aging. If the voice you hear isn’t the central character, it’s likely the narrator in the story about an older parent. In the telling, we mentally post our individual vision of the promise of longevity along with millions of others on the photo-wall of aging demographics.

While this goes on, one of the investments our nation is making, (and is likely unnoticed by many), is in that which I will name here Longevity Research. When I say our nation, I refer to our Federal government by way of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

In this initiative, of particular note is the Institute of Aging (IA). Worthy of mention is that the CIHR has almost doubled its share of investment to 13% on the IA over the past 14 years. This suggests that our social concerns about the effects of an aging population (health, wellness and care) are also of financial concern.

Resisting the temptation to recite statistics, let’s state the obvious: in Canada and globally, the numbers of people facing greater life expectancy will be significant enough to predict that investments in longevity research will surely continue to grow.

What is the “health wealth” of a nation and how will we all value the investments we make, for direct application today as much as for a foreseeable tomorrow and beyond our lifespan?

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