Evelyn Burns-Weinrib

From suffering late-life depression to reaching the brink of despair in her attempt to end her own life three years ago, Evelyn Burns-Weinrib now 81, fought back to a point now where she can give back. Her story received great media coverage this past week, so without repeating the details, here’s a link to the April 17th Dale Goldhawk podcast interview.

In spite of her life long struggle with depression, Evelyn will strike you as a strong person with a clear sense of purpose – to help other people who live with this same issue. The ring to her story expands the expression “put your money & your mind where your mouth is.”  

With a long family connection to the Baycrest Centre in Toronto, Evelyn has contributed both financially and intellectually to the development of their new Late-life depression web site. It’s crisp, clear and educational, not only useful to the elder person but also to family and friends.

Lots of pure sound-bite messages from Evelyn that work for anyone at any stage of life, it’s about: “making a difference”, “living in the moment’, “no comfort in things” and as she also says; “I only failed at one thing in life.” (her attempt at suicide).

If there’s one late-life issue that Evelyn suggests we can immediately address; it’s isolation. If it doesn’t lead to the brink as it did for her; it is very real. Even if you’re in an elder care residence with other people, you can still feel isolated.

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