Anti-aging? Yes, We Have No Bananas.

On a whimsical note, I can’t get enough of those top ten lists of foods we should eat to jump start our personal anti-aging campaign. Maybe given global aging population trend reports, there could be some great investment opportunities to help offset those retirement plan deficits. Perhaps the future is in bananas according to a little report in 

Word is, that while there have been recent concerns about tensions between North & South Korea, the boost in banana sales in South Korea is being driven by an aging population – 35% of the customers are over age 50 and “being soft and easy to digest, bananas are healthy diet for elderly people…the fruit contains potassium and minerals…“ (who can’t get enough of that.).

My mother ate bananas. Lots of them. Morning toast and peanut butter topped with sliced banana. Bananas set in Jello and the old stand by, bananas in oatmeal. As a real treat we got banana loaf. In later years she would write bananas twice on her shopping list. She lived the ripe age of 82. She knew the truth.

When I was sick as a child and had a sore throat, she would mash bananas and make me eat them. To this day my long memories of bananas are etched deeply in my psyche and as a consequence they aren’t that easy to digest.

Give me anything on that food list and then bring on that old song from mother’s childhood era. Yes, We Have No Bananas.

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