Home Health Care:Longevity & Sounds of the Beating Drummond

Perhaps the recent Don Drummond Ontario Economic Report is well timed with respect to  our health care costs and longevity. Delivery of more cost efficient home care to an aging population is for sure prudent, as most older people prefer to stay in their own homes. Assuming the level of appropriate care can be delivered. 

Sometimes that preference will be challenged and the test of it is in the assessment of “what is appropriate”. This came home to roost this week as a good friend of mine was hospitalized with a serious enough health issue to place her there. The assessment of appropriateness for follow up home care is on top of the next steps over the next few weeks. 

Community based home health care is obvious in its advantages, but what of the issue of people who live alone, as is in the case of my friend? But she is not alone with the “live alone”. That aging demographic statistic makes for an interesting social situation in itself – and if you add into the mix the issue of those on lower fixed income, you have a case for finding the more empathetic economic solution. 

As long as we keep the lens of criteria wide open on this part of the Drummond report, we can hope to stand a real chance at helping people age in place while balancing the books in Ontario. The drum’s been beating for a while. It’s not as if we didn’t hear it coming.

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