“Give Age A Chance”

If John Lennon was alive today at age 72, he might be recording another anthem to bring us along together from the Montreal bed-in of 1969. …“Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ‘bout sexism, racism, terrorism, social-mediaism, ageism, This-ism, That-ism, ism-ism… All we are saying is give age a chance!” (Alas it’s just an imagining of mine.) Imagine. That could be another song. “Imagine all the people aging life as one!”

Instead Revera Inc. just released it’s newest Report on Ageism in Canada with much the same mantra – “give age a chance”. Much of the messages here are not that surprising and don’t shed light on other eye witness accounts. I reflected on some of my own experiences of late in my encounter with “younger people”.

Not sure where the line of perception is, around who is a “senior”, but three times lately while riding a bus or train, younger people have offered me their seat. Score so far…Younger People 3 Ageism 0.

When at a meeting last week, a man (likely in Revera’s category “seniors 66 and older”), started his comment with, “I’m one of those aging Boomers… and those young one’s over there, bla, bla” – I was led to cringe thinking, “what’s the projection there?” Older People 0 Ageism 1. Sometimes we do it to ourselves, kick the ball into our own negative end zone.

 “Age Is More” is Revera’s name for their “social cause to challenge ageism”. Great. Let’s hope it catches on beyond the bed ins at their retirement centres.

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