Chasing Cures:The Aging Fix Is In

Welcome to 2012. As always as years turn over, we get past year reviews and new year predictions, prescriptions and promises for better futures. So it quickly fed my mind on the subject of longevity for this first new year’s posting, when CBC started its feature series “Chasing Cures” with a piece on how we’re close to finding a cure for aging – not to mention while we’re at it – the common cold, obesity and cancer.

So it’s starts with the mice again. Scientists have come up a cocktail for mice that through tests have shown that the aging process can be slowed and brain function can be improved. I know for sure the cocktails I had over the holiday season didn’t help my aging process quite like theirs for the mice at McMaster University in Hamilton. 

The CBC article goes on to say how some of the mice “acted like restless teenagers showing spontaneous motor function that fades in humans in a universal sign of aging.” Well the fix is in. Now maybe we can all relate better to the teens in our lives. But watch out for the cocktail recipe as it may not be safe for humans as prescribed for those mice.

It’s really about what we’re doing to explore and innovate on products and services to help extend our life span in a healthier and happier way. The promise of longevity may well be enhanced by these scientific cocktails, but finding a cure for aging?

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