The Frail Old Taking A Bitter Pill.

The October 2010 conference I mentioned in blog post May 31, was for the annual Retirement Planners Association of Canada

The panel session I moderated, followed a presentation by one of the panelists – Dr. John Sloan, MD. On the basis of Dr.Sloan’s  riveting presentation, one of the questions was “what is your vision of a Canadian hybrid model for health care in an aging population that includes hospitals, medical care, home and long term care?” The question of the appropriateness of  services in a hybrid model came up and that requires us to look at the same word that many other product or service markets work with – customization.

But what do you ask the “frail old” about how their care should be customized? Often an older frail person may not have the capacity to tell you their preference and if even if they can, the people around them aren’t listening, as good as their intentions may be.

Dr.Sloan’s blog, Sunshiners  is a tender and realistic conversation around this particular audience (the frail old) in our aging population. His book “A Bitter Pill” is a classic and can be ordered on line there. All of us will one day face the issues in later stage aging (if we haven’t already), and the answers aren’t always going to be easy.

Do yourself a favour – read the book and join the blog. It’s a must have guide to the complexity of decision making in the appropriateness of care.

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