Anti-aging, Active Aging and all Fountains of Youth.

Diets. Drugs. Supplements. Surgeries. Lotions and Potions. We don’t seem to be afraid of dying – but aging, that’s another matter. Anti-aging has become a big business and we start the process maybe around age 40, picking up that protest sign and tilting it over our shoulder as we look for all fountains of youth.

Let’s look for example, at the average life expectancy in the UK at birth in 1910, someone would on average live about 53 years. By 2001, nearly a century later, at birth it registered about 78 years. If we have protested for the last 100 years, something about “anti-aging” has worked. What can we imagine for the next 100 years?

Advances in medicine alone might account for a huge portion of the protest movement, and maybe a new anti-aging Chardonnay will be produced for an added bonus; but my favourite contributor to the advancement of anti-aging is attitude.

I recall celebrating the birthday of a 90 year old gentleman some years ago (he would be about 100 now), and a young man in his 30’s attending his party asked out loud, “what’s your secret for living so long?” As he cut  the cake, the old man turned around with the knife in his hand and said  – “Don’t die!”

Now there’s attitude.

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