Active Aging and SLOW.

Proponents of anti-aging talk of “slowing down the aging process” which is somewhat in simpatico with the active aging movement. Keep the body fit, bend your brain, eat right, test the miracle drug and cream care your skin.

Here’s another observation. Even in our attentive pursuit of making the most of our longevity, one attribute of aging we will need, is our patience for the SLOW. While we haven’t yet found a single way to slow down the aging process, you can slowly see as you move around in your community, that there are more older people getting around with the aid of walkers and wheel chairs or by the guiding arm of a younger companion.

Has your patience been tested yet – in the slow line ups at cash desks or the turtle pace at cross walks? Sometimes the impatience of others is highly palpable. Sometimes it’s been me ushering an elder through the door or across the parking lot and my impatience with patience makes me question – how are we going to cope with more SLOW as our population ages?

Perhaps there is a connection we can draw from the SLOW Movement (which began with SLOW Food in Piazza di Spagna, Rome, in 1986). “It’s about living at the right speed – and aging on your own terms.” So says Carl Honoré who wrote In Praise of SLOW

So far as I can tell, as we actively age, being actively slow will require being more actively patient.

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