A Hybrid Health Care Agenda.

Public surveys during the recent Canadian federal election, placed health care above the economy & jobs as the top issue. One poll by Ipsos Ried from April 2011 on behalf of the Canadian Medical Association showed 35% of Prairie and Northern Canadians at least, believed healthcare to be the issue the party leaders should address the most.

A full (60%) thought it ‘very important’ to have long-term care program and facilities for patients who need assistance and support of a healthcare professional outside of hospital or home.

Last October, I put a question to a conference panel in Toronto (two doctors and an elder care provider) – “what is your vision of a Canadian hybrid model for health care in an aging population that includes hospitals, medical care, home and long term care?” It seems those  60% of Prairie and Northern Canadians are on to the same quest.

Depending on your age, health care plan priorities will fluctuate. Not one of the trio on that conference panel (more on that another day) disagreed on the need for a hybrid approach, but the “appropriateness of the service” needs to be designed to the individual based on their actual situation. This further suggests that a comprehensive national plan on health care is going to have to be front and centre day-in and day-outside of an election survey.

Canada’s Parliament resumes June 2, 2011. Let’s see how the MP’s from the Prairies and the North talk up the priorities on Health Care.

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