Intergenerational Relations: A Revolution?

Who owns the space on the conversation about intergenerational relations? On certain levels it lives with social policy and research groups; but you might ask, is it trickling down in reality at street level? Well with the “starting small” approach, as featured in the June 4th post, the i2i Intergenerational Society of Canada encouraged Intergenerational Day in Canada with 93 cities across the country participating. 

But back to the policy research level, in October 2011 the National Seniors Council (a government initiative), published a report “Labour Force Participation of Seniors and Near Seniors and Intergenerational Relations”. Not sure if any time soon there will be a true intergenerational revolution built around the dialogue generated here.

A glossary of terms did very little to encompass intergenerational perspective. Terms like Baby Boomers, Seniors, Near Seniors, Older Worker, Retirement. Trying to transport myself into this document as if from a younger age perspective, I had a tough time “getting the enlightenment”.

After six pages identifying intergenerational challenges, I was left thinking, now what, now where, now who? Will it only be “Seniors” who own this space on the conversation as pitched here?

Maybe it wasn’t the government mandate in this round of talks to have a younger cohort’s voice included. But for sure, if there’s a next round and you want a thinking revolution to make things happen to everyone’s benefit; that younger voice will need to be included. We might get a more robust glossary of terms. More from the Near Juniors?

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