Intergenerational Day:Starting Small

Starting small. The first of four principles that steers the guiding questions behind the goals of the i2i Intergenerational Society of Canada. Starting so small, that until a colleague of mine sent me the news last week I had never heard of its humble efforts. The society is based in British Columbia and in their own quiet way, they have a worthy message. 

Intergenerational Day in Canada was June 1st as promoted by i2i. Who knew. Apparently 93 cities across the country did. But then if you live within ear shot of Toronto these days you ‘d be contending with the constant, hammering sound byte noises around the vexations of Ford Nation. That would block out any “National Day” theme of worthy cause.

One of the reasons the society chose the date was it closeness to another day; UN World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15th. There’s a press release that should get some attention. Sharon MacKenzie, founder of i21, worked with groups of teens on projects on this theme and that seems to have inspired her broader intergenerational outlook. 

Striking another chord was a line I read in the press release that I was emailed; this day was “billed as reminder that there is a solution for mistreatment of all ages”. 

And as if we needed reminding, another news story did squeak through last week; physical abuse – “elder on elder” in a Toronto senior’s care facility. Sadly it won’t be the last. Awareness is only a beginning.

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