Generations Connected: Abuse Awareness Days

If there is an issue for all generations to be connected to, though for not a happy reason, it’s abuse – abuse of any kind. As mentioned in last weeks post, June 15th is UN World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

With other multiple world stories of abuse commanding our attention, somehow elder abuse seems to hit our emotional response because of the vulnerability of elders often  living in isolation or in outsourced care facilities.

Shake your head from that visual for a second. In split screen reality, the grandchildren of these very elders, in their own world apart, have their own abuse issues from parental child abuse to cyber-bullying. (Note, Canada’s Bullying Awareness Week 2013 is Nov. 17-23.) Is there any less vulnerability or sense of isolation in any situation of abuse – at any age?

Perhaps, as it’s easily said, if children or grandchildren visited their elders in care facilities more often, then evidence of potential abuse might be more detectable. But what if there is no family or if the abuse is coming from someone in the family, then who becomes the advocate for the abused? Same question for the teen being abused out of sight from school or home.

How connected we are sadly by abuse awareness days or weeks or months. But for now this weekend wear purple for WEAAD. And as Theodore Roszak might have said, “as Boomers become Elders; where will our advocates be?” And meanwhile let’s live to see no generation become too insular.

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