Longevity Research: An Inter Generational Primer

Our “promise of longevity” may be even brighter one day in a future far from now as a result of all the research on aging taking place around the world. Can’t help but think that beyond today’s headline absorbing news for the Boomer generation, the longer term beneficiaries of all this research will be today’s 25 year old.

Twenty five years from now when she is 50 and her Boomer parent is maybe 80, what will the research have meant to her “optimal aging”, her “promise of longevity”? How can today’s research be made more interesting to today’s 25 year old?

As a start, this generation is observing first their grandparents in their later life aging process and then will it come more first hand with their own parents. My colleague Mary Ellen Tomlinson puts her focus with clients on the impact of aging and how it changes family dynamics. I wonder how closely a younger person has their ear to that conversation? The real life research lab for them right now is simply observations on their parents as they handle these changing dynamics.

Stories are being passed along daily by those who directly face the aging game at home, and hopefully by the time our 25 year old slips into the front row seat on the later life stage play, their lives will be better facilitated by these stories and the practical outcomes from current research.

Here’s a family primer catalogue. Stanford Centre on Longevity, McMaster Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging, UCLA Longevity Centre, MIT AgeLab, the Global Coalition on Aging and Baycrest Centre

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