Across the “Central Steppes of Aging”

For all the talk of how a Boomer generation will “challenge aging” by staying active and engaged; there are still people I meet who persist in making their age sound older than old. Among them there are those who have the mentality that they can’t wait for a retirement as if it was a deserved destination after a long trip across the “central steppes of aging”.

Often these are the same who say that age discrimination is limiting their prospects for continued employment – and in the same breath say that they should be valued for their thirty years of experience and collective wisdom. Why should it be assumed that any generational  cohort creates or contributes value equally as a group?

If we stop loitering at the main intersections of complacency & generalization – or entitlement & reminiscence, maybe we might find ourselves in this world where we stand on the merit of who we are as individuals – not of a particular vintage of age but sharing the advantage across generations. That’s not to say we can deny, reverse or delay the aging process or that the associated stigmas and attitudes will dissolve overnight.

The upshot is that “aging demographics” issues are daily beginning to heat up the headlines and the business of aging as it were, has become everybody’s business – disagree or acknowledge as you will. I’m just nauseous from the messaging that some Boomers have engendered, that they alone are the bulge not to be ignored.

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