What is the “promise” of longevity?

…the “promise” of longevity? That was the opening question in the first post of this blog nine months ago. So here on the shortest day of the year and the last post for 2011, the question is still open. With all the social, economic and personal issues connected with much greater extended life times, what will the promise be?

But if I’m left hanging with one thought over the Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday Season, it’s about intergenerational connectivity. Maybe it’s because this is a time of year that many families come together. I’d like to leave behind the hyper-filled headlines of 2011 – shouting about “generational warfare” and maybe have one wish that we for once and for all time we flame that one into cinders.

On an individual basis, regardless of age today, the promise of longevity may be bountiful for some and a burden for others. It’s a shared reality that we work on developing social networks that build on intergenerational collaboration to improve economic and public policy platforms that account for managing extended lifetimes.

To share in closing, earlier today I Skyped with a young friend who lives in Germany (a 30 year spread between us), and since then I’ve reflected about how much I hope for his future – his promise of longevity; that he has an open road of choice and a long enough time to create his positive life story with the same kind of good fortune I’ve had.  

Best longevity wishes for 2012.

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