Intergenerational Equity–the trust is in all our hands.

Intergenerational Equity. How’s that for modern context? Actually the concept was born over thirty five years ago. Though it largely relates to terms of economics, it also considers social, political and environmental – “preserving the world’s resources in trust for all future generations”.

In the generational mix of 2011, (however socially networked we are or are not), the trust  is in all our hands. Using our collective mind, we might first want to look at intergenerational resources for resolving those social concerns over which we have some real influence in our immediate arena.

Where the real work starts is through volunteerism. However it’s approached, whether community, business or professional based, pick a concern (the one that resonates within the context of your sense of purpose), and ensure the crowd is intergenerational and the conversation future oriented. That’s the first resource to preserve in the trust.

Lately, as I’ve been involved in crowds and conversation concerning future directions of professional groups, one of the first things I’ve noticed in the organization of these events is the generational gaps in the composition of the audience.

Hard to invest in intergenerational equity, preserving for a future if you don’t invite a younger demographic; and if you aren’t attracting it organically then maybe it’s time to get radical about it and ask why it should matter. Next time I’m in charge I have a good mind to invite and prep young outsiders to the conversation just to get a dose of “alien observation”.

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