Summer Shorts 10 – Longevity Investment Innovations

Welcome to the third season of Summer Shorts 2014, some quick musings for the salad days of summer.

Last week at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, there was a 3-day conference titled, Investment Innovations & the Global Future of Retirement.

If P&I, the producer of this event were truly innovative, they would replace retirement with the word longevity. I’m convinced that more people would better understand their financing within that context.

Wander through the conference web site and you will get the agenda. Note that one of the presenters was Canadian, Jim Leech, co-author of The Third Rail. However, for quick eye- popping summer reading on the patio look at the sponsored white papers and info-graphics pages.

As I’ve often said, when it comes to who has a vested interest in the trends on aging demographics – follow the money.

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