Found Your “Findependence”?

Jonathan Chevreau has a philosophy around financial independence, which he has redefined Findependence; moving people to think beyond the concept of financial planning for “retirement”. That’s the old narrative. His new narrative aligns nicely with my thinking, which I’ve suggested for years – that financial planning for that fixation called retirement is really about “financing longevity”.

Have you found your “Findependence”? Well if you’re looking for a line on that narrative, Jonathan has just launched a new web site – Financial Independence Hub and its sister site

Jonathan Chevreau, is a professional financial writer who was the Financial Post’s personal finance columnist for 19 years, and further for two years the Editor-in-Chief of MoneySense Magazine. In addition, he is written for other internet forums and authored in 2008; A Novel Approach to Financial Independence. The Canadian edition of this e-book launched last week.

In conversations with Jonathan and in reading his blog, I’ve been impressed by his eclectic view of the financial discussion which is reflected in his new web site on which he has laid out several blog categories including Debt & Frugality, Business Ownership and Longevity & Aging. These last two connect well with my themes around longevity and the business and social aspects of aging demographics, and of course – entrepreneurship in later life.

The Findependence Hub is current, meaty and invigorating to read and for that matter to participate in, and in this regard I look forward to contributing some thoughts along the way.

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