Financing Longevity. Some New Sense & Sensibility?

Picking up on Jonathan Chevreau’s Financial Independence Hub category “Debt & Frugality”, I mused on how that seems like some new play on Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility when it comes to our current dilemma – how good are we at (what I prefer to call) ”financing longevity”?

Chevreau’s FindependenceHub category “Debt & Frugality” echoes what my accountant Peter Thomas has always prudently reminded me about eliminating debt; pay yourself first and, while maybe not being obsessively frugal, at least “don’t spend money you don’t have”.

For some fourteen years now as I’ve brought revisionism to my designs of retirement programs from a life course continuum perspective; I have gravitated to, collaborated with or sought insights from financial planners who are grounded in practicality. These particular financial planners also understand that you can no longer really plan for a retirement, but rather for managing incremental stages of life’s journey – often with a longer life expectancy.

Back to FindependenceHub and the practical voice again, Chevreau talks of “guerrilla frugality”. Perhaps I’m fortunate learning that approach, in that my role models were my parents. My Mother for example, could have written that Scotiabank tagline – “You’re richer than you think.” She knew how to put luxury into the simplest of dinners, often ending with her world famous fruit cocktail served with a splash of Canada Dry ginger ale! We thought we was living high!

honey lime fruit salad 7



“Guerrilla frugality”. Ever tried living a week without going to a store or out for dinner, not spending a dime?

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