Owning the Age of Longevity: Follow the Money

Marsh & McLennan announced last week a $1.5  investment in a collaboration with the Stanford Center on Longevity  to, as they state: “advance awareness and education around issues related to retirement and aging populations. Two aspects…increased longevity and financial security are top of mind for governments, businesses and individuals.”

What a smart investment as well as a great “wiki-branding” opportunity. Marsh has the money; Stanford has the subject matter “know-power”. One of my themes in this blog has been “financing longevity” and I’m impressed to see from the messaging on the part of both these business collaborators, that the touch points of dialogue they want to create with their market are multi-faceted and yet in a comprehensive way.

Another fine stroke of word crafting for me is the nuance around the words “financial security”. The slant taken on the Stanford site is around improving financial literacy and educating on fraud. I’ve seen the abuse on the latter and it is ugly. The other aspect that threads into this financial piece is the changing nature and the role of work as we age.

So all round very well threaded, this will help both these organizations own a share of the “age of longevity” conversation. But my wish would be for every community to create a longevity network. You don’t have to follow the money to have your share in this. Collaborations can be based on “share of mind” not just (as a friend of mine would say) “share of wallet”.

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