Financial Planners Awake!

Awake Certified Financial Planners! The time is here to rethink the whole conversation on financial planning for retirement. It’s time to start calling it what it really is when you work with your clients. In modern reality it’s about longevity planning.

Thinking more like this could dramatically create a differential for you in the marketplace and change how you will be perceived as you broaden the scope your client conversations. This isn’t a lecture, as I’m sure you already apply this thinking to some degree into your work already. Retirement has become a limiting word, in a world where aging has changed the dynamics of what “Retirement” was constructed for in it’s origins in the 1880’s.

How much has the word Retirement become a cul-de-sac in conversation with your clients? The next time a client leaves your office or hangs up the phone, ask – to what extent did we really move out the parameters of our financial discussion? The good financial planners I know, already have a handle on this, but let me just encourage the new line “I’m helping you plan for financing your longevity.”

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