Entrepreneurship in Later Life

Leaving the corporate crow’s nest?


A Portfolio Approach

For business professionals like you – leaving the corporate crow’s nest, looking to reinvest your talent in later life – design a “portfolio” of entrepreneurial activity that can include “free agent” expertise-based project work or starting a consultancy business.

An Advisory Program

Designed to help you translate and migrate your corporate expertise to a work life where you have the latitude to get at more of the work that builds on your strengths, and demonstrates immediate value for multiple client organizations to meet their short-term project needs.

Customizing a program of meetings to serve your needs for an independent journey – our discussions in 1:1 sessions will be constructed from a blend of the following:

  • Assess your marketability for the life of an independent
  • Explore the options for contracting or consulting client relationships
  • Examine success factors in a “project portfolio” world of work
  • Detail a marketing “action plan” to help develop your profile into a brand
  • Input and critique of your web site and other marketing materials
  • Determine value-oriented fee setting appropriate to your target market
  • Outline the resource tool kit required to set up your operational structure
  • Review and input of the draft of your written business plan

Your first 12-18 months will likely be a challenge, so in addition, other activities in this program can involve:

  • Practical, trusted referrals to resources such as accounting, legal, web & social media
  • Guidance on the design of your “portfolio” based on the principle of adjusting to incremental change in later life
  • Follow up “sounding board” advisory meetings for feedback on your business progress




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