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Summer Shorts 30: Parlours of Wonder, Inter-generational Encounters.

Rich in content, I found it hard to let go researching more of the topics under the inter-generational theme of the 10th Biennial Conference of the Association for Anthropology, Gerontology & the Life Course (AAGE) in Oxford, England this June.  My last post featured Together Old & Young – the TOY Project, which is but

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Summer Shorts 29: Age-Inclusive Communities, a TOY Project.

Picking up from last week’s summary on the Association for Anthropology, Gerontology & the Life Course (AAGE) Conference in June, one of the themes woven through the program was that of exploring possibilities for inter-generational connectivity, which in turn leads to stronger age-inclusive communities. With this focus, there was a presentation by three people from

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Help the inter-generational narrative on longevity.

Last week I was researching for a number of presentations, meetings and blog posts, contemplating the big picture of the social transformation we are experiencing, concerning aging demographics in a longevity society, within the context of other global economic and political issues. If we are going to get somewhere by improving social conditions for people

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Aging Gracefully, a TAGlab Solution.

Cognitive impairment. Mobility limitations. Social isolation. Can these elements of aging be lived with “gracefully”? TAGlab in Toronto believes so. This isn’t the first time I’ve referenced this team of professionals at the University of Toronto. I first met one of their team at the MaRS Business of Aging Summit in 2012. Their enthusiasm for

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Stanford Longevity Design Challenge 2014-15

The 2nd Design Challenge from the Stanford Center on Longevity has been announced to start on September 23, 2014 with the call for sponsors. The theme for this year is Enabling Personal Mobility Across the Life Span. Obviously this initiative has broader reach than just older adults. Improving mobility at all touch points of life

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Stanford Longevity Design Challenge – 1

Calling all student longevity design thinkers! Following the Stanford Center on Longevity for some time now, it’s wonderful to see news of how positive business initiatives address the promise of longevity, rather than the barrage of statistics and associated gloom prophecies of the aging world challenge. Stanford’s latest adventure in collaborative research and co-marketing is

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