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Financing Longevity. Some New Sense & Sensibility?

Picking up on Jonathan Chevreau’s Financial Independence Hub category “Debt & Frugality”, I mused on how that seems like some new play on Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility when it comes to our current dilemma – how good are we at (what I prefer to call) ”financing longevity”? Chevreau’s FindependenceHub category “Debt & Frugality” echoes

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Found Your “Findependence”?

Jonathan Chevreau has a philosophy around financial independence, which he has redefined Findependence; moving people to think beyond the concept of financial planning for “retirement”. That’s the old narrative. His new narrative aligns nicely with my thinking, which I’ve suggested for years – that financial planning for that fixation called retirement is really about “financing

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On the Upside of Aging – Part 4

You might think, that after walking away from reading The Upside of Aging, an outsider to the field of aging, longevity or gerontology would somehow be overdosed or overwhelmed by the depth of this volume. In some ways you might ask with a sigh, why this obsession? So many aspects of an aging world population

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