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Innovating Aging in Place: Stanford Design Challenge 16/17

Once again, the Stanford Center on Longevity has announced its 4th annual Design Challenge with the succinct title – Innovating Aging in Place. This contest has global reach that promotes the entrepreneurial and creative tech-talent of students from around the world to develop products or services to, as they say, “optimize long life for all

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Residential Prospects for Homing Pigeon Boomers – 1

You would be an entrepreneur executive with $2 Billion, foresight to look fifteen years out, and you had applied age-friendly marketing as a guide, to develop residential prospects for a reasonably affluent Boomer population looking right now for more choice in innovative urban sanctuaries. You would be Réal Bouclin, President and CEO of Réseau Sélection in

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De Hogeweyk, an Elder Life Care Model -4

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Final thought about De Hogeweyk, a dementia village outside Amsterdam, is to first go back to one of my major interests in the overall theme of age friendly community design. Full kudos to Dementia Village Architects (DVA); their story is articulated with simplicity and clarity on their website. One phrase seems to say it

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