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The Art of Ageing Forum: Visit Niagara in June!

Perhaps it is symbolic that the Niagara Region in Ontario is the perfect place for a forum on The Art of Ageing- especially in summer, when it’s warm and in full bloom, even the wine ages well. Known for many things from the world famous Niagara Falls, the theatre season with the Shaw Festival in

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Longevity & Legacy Portraits 2019: the Wide Achiever

Longevity and Legacy. A portrait collection of narratives from yesterday, today and tomorrow. No doubt, you have your own stories of singular lives, those you know and those you have read. My collection began in late 2014, with some short posts reflecting on well-known and not so well known people from history who may or

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AGE-WELL 2019 Webinar 2 Report.

How AGE-WELL Technology is Changing Homes of the Future & Promoting Independence for All Technology and aging. How will it support “the rising tide of caregiving for older adults, and in this case in the home environment?” That is how Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Scientific Director at AGE-WELL, set up the opening of last week’s second

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