Residential Prospects for Homing Pigeon Boomers – 1

You would be an entrepreneur executive with $2 Billion, foresight to look fifteen years out, and you had applied age-friendly marketing as a guide, to develop residential prospects for a reasonably affluent Boomer population looking right now for more choice in innovative urban sanctuaries. You would be Réal Bouclin, President and CEO of Réseau Sélection in Laval, Quebec.

Apart from the fact that the recent announcement from this senior-home developer to open Rosemont Les Quartiers in Montreal in 2016 is a prime example of capitalizing on one opportunity in the “business of aging” market, what caught my interest was the specific mention of making it an “inter-generational neighbourhood”.


How that concept takes shape with actual inter-generational social interactions is a little unclear, except to say that 72% of the 1400 units in this complex are for seniors 55+. All the age-friendly design elements and amenities seem to have been considered; even one listed as “external swings”?

Interesting how the conversation around senior or elder living options has taken new flight recently, as the demographic curve is on an uptick with more Boomers now migrating into their 60’s. The range goes from the solid home-invested “aging in place” contingent, to the freedom seeking down shifter “multi-serviced residence” variety.

At whatever point you arrive in that later life urban living decision-making, you can expect that more choice will come on the market. Réseau Sélection seems to recognize it; on the premise that eventually, homing pigeon Boomers will all come home to roost.


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