Residential Prospects for Homing Pigeon Boomers – 2

Thinking about roosting in later life takes on several dimensions in a continuum of life changes. You no doubt have seen those, perhaps in their late 60’s, who choose their next move to be from a big suburban house to a destination marketed as a retirement community. That could be a whole town positioned as such or simply a specially designed development complex integrated in an urban setting.

Either way, one of the key elements in residential prospects for the homing pigeon Boomer is accessibility to health care, or as some will see it, home health care. Alongside that is the need to maintain mobility to access other services like shopping and recreation.

As the Rosemont Les Quartiers in Montreal asks in their marketing pitch: “Do you see yourself living in a neighbourhood that reflects your roots and offers a small-town feel within the big city?”


What matters to one may not matter to another in this pursuit for finding your ideal coop. Yet with even a little foresight you might need to consider – more than one move may await you down the road. My homing instincts tell me that given the integration of the concerns mentioned above, the aspect of inter-generational connectivity will be a major indicator of healthier aging.

Hope is there within the design-developer community and there will likely be a growing customer need or desire for multiple options. The scalability of all this also needs to be considerate of cultural and social perspectives and affordability.

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