De Hogeweyk, an Elder Life Care Model -3

De Hogeweyk1If you do have a form of dementia, and you do have an advocate who can help find a more natural place for you to live within a picturesque Weesp, Holland; how does that happen? How are you accepted? Is there a waiting list? What is the funding model?

All this I asked Jill O’Donnell of Iris For Seniors; after all, these would be our concerns here in Ontario, (though we might not think to ask about the supermarket).

“Interesting enough”, says Jill, “there are wait lists for each of the seven houses that make up De Hogeweyck. The length of wait is between 9 to 12 months but urgency is a consideration, so the wait lists can vary. Each (potential) resident has to complete an application form that determines their overall need for care and the type of house the person would best fit into and that is discussed with the family before admission.”

And the funding? In Holland according to Jill, “everyone pays a premium for health care that is used by the government to fund various systems like De Hogeweyck, at €5500/month. Compare that to private room costs in Ontario of $ 6924.05 (resident portion $2361.55 and the government portion is subsidized at $150/day or$4562.25 /mo/resident).”

By the way, ever find it interesting how we in Ontario talk about any long-term care facility, “getting somebody in” – we often say “availability of beds.” All about beds? De Hogeweyk. A home of reminiscence! More than just a bed.

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