Gerontological Living: Outsource and Off-shore

Many of us in North America are enduring a prolonged deep freeze for the first winter in some time. Perhaps prompted by the added wind chill factor, we’ve heard things like: “It’s so cold, I’m really feeling my age!” So, besides the other contrasting odd ball weather scenarios from around the world, what stories have popped up regards our aging process and how we’re independently responding to it?

Back in January, CBC radio ran a piece about “outsourcing” elder care and if that’s not enough, considering the suburban outsourced ventures we design locally, there’s the “off-shoring” – to places like Thailand’s Care Resort Chiang Mai. That’s the example in this CBC piece.

For “the life that you still deserve… with all the care that you need” says the Chiang Mai home page banner. Sounds like a promise of longevity you might hear a local North American suburban care residence say. In fact  the messaging here can be adoptive to anywhere; except that this is off-shore care in a luxury resort. Which is fine if you’ve been financing your longevity well enough to pay for it.

What this Thai story has done is prompt discussion: what are we realistically going to do for elder care options for the vast majority of us with Shangri-La dreams and (in many cases) sub-Suburban budgets? Check out this post Gerontological Colonialism from Canadian blogger Lina Hoffbauer at GenWhy?Strategies.

Oh, and as long as we’re in a gerontological dream – outsource and off-shore me to Tuscany!

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