Aging: Intent and Independence – 2

One urban aging trend featured in a recent CBC News expose was about the growing number of  boomers who are making the decision (with what appeared to be solo intent); to downsize from their current home to a smaller, more manageable, containable space – while at the same time maintaining their independence. Condominium living was the first option cited here.

Another part in this series of “news hour fillers” focused on realtors who specialize in “seniors on the move”. You can even get an extra certification course to work with this targeted demographic group and set up collaborative referrals to “seniors transition move management”  specialists. This isn’t new. I meet several of these service providers every month.

What wasn’t covered in the discussion, (at least in the CBC segments I saw), is the consideration of the who will you grow old with… and who will stick with you?

Well some people have followed the “carpe diem” approach and built intentional communities geared to older audiences, such as Wolf Willow Co-housing in Saskatoon. In this example you are definitely choosing the “who you will grow old with”. At least for now. As with any set up, people who signed up for this arrangement could alter their intent for a number of reasons at any time.

Taking stock  of your hopes, values and temperament, smartly with a dose of realistic foresight you might ask – is this too intentional for me? having witnessed some “semi-intentional” variations, it could become “spero meliora”.


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