The Houses that Seniors Built -4

Before we think we’ve arrived at that moment when we actually hear ourselves say “I’m a senior”, (and perhaps well before then) we may want to proactively play out in our minds, those multiple choice scenarios for housing needs in later life. It ‘s that continuum of experiences in our longevity mentioned in the Jan.1st blog post.

It seems natural I suppose that most of us would prefer to “live and let live” and deal with the choices later when we really need to decide. And then it usually needs to happen fast. In our quest to hold out and maintain our independence, we hold off. Perhaps it’s denial. After all it’s been enough that we’ve had to guide, decide, support or coerce our parents or older friends in this process.

Our French Baba Yaga, Thérèse Clerc, took control of making those choices. Closer to home in Oakville, Ontario an inspired Norma Gamble, for some years has been working on an innovative concept for affordable housing for women 55+. Check out Suite Living 360 –  and the neatly named project SuitePEAS – Private Efficient Affordable Spaces.

Affordable. Alternative. Adaptable. Seems to be the optimal way to look at the reality for most of us over the next 20 – 30 years. We have a say in the way we rethink communities, as more people tend to live longer and care needs change. But I wonder, with Clerc and Gamble setting example – what are the men thinking or doing about all this?

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  1. Norma Reply

    Hey Mark, great post! We would love to work with men and with mixed gender groups and with cross generational groups too. We just need to start somewhere and single women 55+ are a perfect starting group. If you like suitePEAS (Private Elegant Affordable Spaces) … sometimes we use E for Efficient, then how about suitePALS for mixed gender residents, suitePEARS for couples, and suitePEARLS for single moms with kids? We are still seeking investors, so common guys, let’s get this type of housing rolling. It promises to be an exciting adventure! Social impact and ethical investing with a remarkably high ROI. You can reach me at

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