The Houses that Seniors Built -2

So what will we actually get in the housing and community living we ideally envision as we age? For those fortunate enough to have the money to help finance our longevity, our choices around how we house ourselves as we age are more various and somewhat more in our control. Of course, that assumes we have at least the foresight and the smarts to know how we’ll adapt abruptly (most likely) to the potential life altering events that will change our plans.

Fortune favours the debt free perhaps, but for those on low or fixed incomes and/or with little or no equity in a home, aging in place may have a shorter expectancy rate in their current occupancy – home owner or apartment renter.

Aging in place turns out to be the number one choice for most. I’m sure it’s always been preferred. We’ve all heard stories ending with “they’ll have to carry me out in a pine box”.

The houses that seniors built for older age are likely the ones they are in right now. But as many Boomer children are learning, you can only accommodate aging in place for so long and the burden shifts. The children of the aging parent pick up that story ending with, “wouldn’t it be better if we found you a place where you’d be better taken care of”. The new seniors living list begins. Residential Care Homes. Retirement Homes. Long Term Care Homes.

Who is really in control of making those choices?


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