Aging Alone & Creating Commune-Part 1

Over the years with friends of my age cohort, conversation has often wandered to the question of what we would do if we found ourselves “aging alone”. This came up even if we were in a couple, with the proposition (as I often say) of being “suddenly single”. It comes up more often now as a number of us have become thus so. 

Depending on your personality type and the way you’ve lived your life, how you adapt to aging alone will be different. I recall talking to a director of a seniors residence about this once and she said that the adjustment to single living in a “communal  residence” would be dependent on what kind of person you were before you got there. Will you really be a leopard with different spots if you face going solo, adjusting to a new manner of living later in life? 

Back to my friends. One of our concepts was that we could design or build our own living space, pool our resources for shared services with enough private space to respect our independence and privacy. Of course in reality we all age at different rates of change in our condition, so the formula for this situation would not retain it’s original charm forever. 

Aging alone but in commune is slickly formulated in business models, (check out But regardless of whatever a “seniors market” is today, is that the model we friends had in mind as our “self made communal living”?

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