Aging Alone & Creating Commune-Part 2

Our “self made communal living” in theory had it’s advantages and largely assumed that in this new arrangement our current friendships and share interests would stay the same.  The success of this would also be dependent on numerous things, not the least of which would be how our financial goals would stay aligned and what our variant approaches to dispute resolution would be.

As we created the picture for this later life commune, the economics of this future meant that unlike the high cost of formulated models as featured in Comfort Life, our overheads would be controlled to a level of what we could afford. I don’t think we thought much about what things would look like as we moved through the aging process. Would we always be 67 and mobile?

It all sounded great over a bottle of wine from our vintage point in our late 40’s and into our 50’s. If we sold our own homes in our early 60’s, we’d source one ideal location, convert a large home or build a new one; and talked about design concepts for customized interior spaces. But with any commune of six aging independent singles, did we think that someone would hurdle first into the need for assisted living beyond walk in bath tubs and stair lifts?

Several bottles of wine later, not one of us has made a move in this direction of creating commune. It’s our parents we are still working with on the assisted living and beyond issues.

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