Aging at Home Strategy:Part 2

You’re alone, single or suddenly single as a result of losing a partner and maybe on top of this you don’t have family to look out for you as you advance into later years. What do you do in this scenario to prepare for your aging at home strategy?

If “a good precaution is never wasted” as Mary Ellen Tomlinson of Senior Care Options says, then it applies here too. The first thing is to know who your close friends and neighbours are and share the conversation about your concerns and preferences for the future.

Here’s Mary Ellen’s quick check list:

  • Create a buddy system – with a good friend or two, a neighbourhood watch so to speak
  • Organize an emergency response system – delays in help compound the problem
  • Check out local support services – mix and match public and private care options

Perhaps this common sense advice is obvious, but often those alone are too private or proud to reach out. You or I may end up as an advocate for someone who lives alone. Support systems grow from the grass roots. Creating the inventory for what’s available in private and public care for aging at home takes some time.

Then there’s the larger question we can’t fear to broach – should I go or should I stay? Being a support  is one thing, but how do you know it’s the right thing to suggest that maybe the isolation of “staying in place” isn’t the best decision.

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