Monthly Archives: December 2019

Canada’s Future of Long Term Care, a 2020 Recode.

Many highlights in 2019 with respect to my encounters in the field of aging and longevity. Attended a number of forums and webinars on subjects from supportive technologies to neuroplasticity and aging, and connected personally with a number of professionals with great future insights as well as with people who directly provide services in health

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Celebrating Findependence Man. Five Years On!

In between meetings with your financial planning advisor, where do you go for ongoing news and commentary on personal financial matters? If you live in North America there is a wealth, so to speak, of media options, books and seminars to pick from, but one reliable source for news and views that has served up

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Reporting Canada’s Future for Long Term Care – 3

At the Sinai Health System/University Health Network education day, June 12 in Toronto, a range of topics were discussed related to aging, health and care, from hearing loss to medication safety and advance care planning. Quite an enlightening day with a subtitle that I have come to adopt and prefer to go forward with –

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