Monthly Archives: February 2019

AGE-WELL 2019 Webinar 1 Report. Involving End-Users in All Stages of Research.

 As a consistent and enthusiastic follower of AGE-WELL – Canada’s technology and aging network since its beginning, I took the opportunity to sit in on their first 2019 webinar this afternoon. I like to keep informed of their success story, which also helps me further explain to others, who are largely unaware, what innovative activities

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Technology & Aging Research: AGE-WELL Webinar Series 2019

AGE-WELL Canada’s technology and aging network is fast approaching the end of its first five-year mandate in 2020. I say first five years because, based on its outstanding record of sponsoring innovative technology-based research projects to help older adults and caregivers, and its outreach to Canadian entrepreneurs in technology design with such programs as the

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Making Sense of a Longevity Economy: Business, Career & Community – 2

Part Two. Longevity Economy, a Rose by Any Other Name? No small wonder why it feels like a dance with words when I try to explain a Longevity Economy in conversation with everyday people who are not so focused on the subject of aging population and demographic shifts or even with those who are actively

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