Monthly Archives: December 2017

Spotlight on the Arts: Impact on Business, Health and Well-being

…or (as I would also add) how the Arts Economy fits within the broader context of a growing Longevity Economy. If you are a leader in an Arts Organization, a Patron of the Arts, or a business with a focus on delivering services or operating facilities for older adults, you must come to the Sheridan

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Celebrating the Age of Aging & Design

One of the key elements that laced through the aging in place presentations last month at the National Institute on Ageing (NIA) conference in Toronto was the importance of design – home design features, the broader range of age inclusive community design and, not to forget product design. The significance of design is emphasised again

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Aging in Community – Reflections 2

As we head into the next decade, who will own the conversation around aging in community? Who has the most vested interest in how we envision, plan and build age inclusive communities? Well most certainly the answer is – everyone. That everyone on one level is every day people, you and me as citizens, and

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