Monthly Archives: September 2017

Advancing the Arts & Shifting Demographics

“What happens when you bring a market researcher and a neuropsychologist together?” So begins the intro to the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research promo piece for their Fall/Winter, 2017/18 opening event on October 25th. The Arts world like all other sectors is forging ahead in new ways in spite of and better still, as an

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Healthy Ageing: WHO – Setting Priorities for Research

Global networks on ageing and longevity are actively engaged in communications, as we head into the fall of 2017, social media and e-news streaming all sorts of messages. Last week in my blog post, I referred to news of the Ryerson National Institute on Ageing (NIA) holding a one-day comprehensive conference in Toronto on November

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Ageing in Place: An Envisioning for Us All.

Right now thousands of older adult children of older adult parents are in decision-making mode, discussing the options for the best quality living in later life – move to an assisted living or a so-called retirement residence, or stay and accommodate living in your own home, or downsize to a smaller own home. In the

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