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Recoding a Longevity Society: Global Aging Narratives

Widening our lens on aging and longevity Looking for a break from North American conversation around the social aspects of aging and longevity, where the sameness of content has often numbed us from appreciating the realities of others around the world, I am more conscious these days, of how important it is to put our

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Canada’s Census 2016. Aging at the Speed of Light?

Adapting your life within population pyramids You must have been living on an exoplanet over the last twenty years, not to know that the generational composition of age demographics in Canada was in a steady progression over time and – with wild card events factored in, all things being relatively equal, the so-called bulge of

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Entrepreneurship: A Shared Generational Venture

How different are Millennials from Boomers when it comes to the entrepreneurial journey? What are the varying definitions of entrepreneurship and what are the myths and truths? While the news of the last decade suggests that there are distinct generational trends in this venture or adventure, perhaps it is time we looked at the motivations,

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Recoding a Longevity Society: Next Decade Enterprisers.

Working in later life with continuity and flexibility If current trends continue, more people will be working longer in their later life than previous generations. For the sake of establishing a benchmark, for those who are over age 55, this has increasingly been a reality for at least the last ten years. Well before that

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