Monthly Archives: March 2017

Global Age Friendly Cities, Ten Years On.

Now ten years on – 2017, we celebrate the introduction of the Global Age Friendly Cities initiative as presented by the World Health Organization (WHO). The question is, what has “age friendly” become – and for that matter how have cities changed since 2007, while world events have shifted behind us like fast flipping stage

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Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing. IFA Toronto 2018

As mentioned in my first blog post this year, the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is holding its 14th Global Conference in Toronto from August 8 -10, 2018. While that seems a long way off, it feels comforting to bring it up again on a snowy March day like today here in Toronto. Last week

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Retirement Season Over. Put Away the Ouija Board.

Once again, in Canada at least, not only have we now weathered the lion’s share of winter, but also the sales squalls of Retirement Season, those February ads inundating us with messages about financing our retirement nest eggs, our dream lifestyles. Can we travel, should we downsize? Can we afford the lifestyle we desire? Will

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