Monthly Archives: October 2016

Optimal Aging in Place: What Million$ can do.

“If I had a million dollars… I’d buy you a house… If I had a million dollars… I’d buy you furniture for your house… If I had a million dollars… I’d build a tree fort in your yard…” Ed Robertson, Steven Page What would the adapted lyrics be to “If I Had a $1,000,000” by

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Aging in Place. More than tooling around with Apps.

Like most themes around the future of living in a longevity society, aging in place has multiple dimensions; but when I talk about it generally over coffee talk, many people at first hearing the phrase, most often react as if it simply means accommodating the home environment by installing chair lifts, walk-in bathtubs and grab

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Retirement Industry Evolution. Postscript to Sept.27

In last week’s post Retirement Industry, in the Middle of an Evolution, I referenced a 2003 Statistics Canada Symposium in Ottawa in which I participated as a panelist in a discussion on later life career decisions and the 50 plus worker’s participation in an aging workforce. A couple of follow up comments are in order,

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