Monthly Archives: May 2016

Longevity Society: Economic Value Shifts.

Of the many ways our emerging interconnected global economy is described, an au currant example is a so-called “fourth industrial revolution”, and within that, one major social phenomenon that makes the top of the list in the discussion is – aging and longevity. It is a social systems challenge. It is a market opportunity. It

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Redefining Entrepreneurship in later Life: a portfolio of treasures

Working longer in later life can be more like a portfolio of treasures and increasingly, over the last ten years, one option in that portfolio mix for many people has become some form of entrepreneurship. And for those who may feel that entrepreneurship is too weighty a word, as is often the case, let’s call

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Operatic tendencies. Dying to work for a longer later life?

Or you could say – is work ‘til you drop better for you? For some reason this topic of working longer in later life has invited itself lately in to my inbox of conversation with others. Likely, I was sending out subliminal messages when talking generally about the interconnectedness of issues in healthy aging and

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