Monthly Archives: January 2016

Louisa Jewell Interview – Happiness & Longevity, Part 1

Stanford Center on Longevity in the US is about to announce the finalists in their 3rd annual Design Challenge, with the 2015-16 theme “Using Happiness to Optimize Longevity”. The Design Challenge offers cash prizes and entrepreneurial mentorship in a competition open to all university students around the world who want to design products and services

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The Business of Aging & a Longevity Economy 2016

What is the Business of Aging? It’s one of those phrases that can be heard in more than one way. For example in the un-capitalized version, it could mean that we are all aging, and simply put, there are matters or concerns we all face in that natural process. But with the big B, we

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Aging & Longevity, Conference Round Up 2016.

Here is my third annual list of selected major conferences or symposiums around the world, under the macro theme of Aging and Longevity. As usual, the challenge with covering this field is where do you start and stop with a list that could end up being so massive as to be of no real focus.

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