Monthly Archives: April 2015

Technology, Design & the “Longevity Market”

Technology products that address specific needs of aging demographics are already some part of the mainstream in our economy, in what can be described as the greater “longevity market”. Examples of general needs are categories like home care and aging in place, health care and medical aid. These descriptions and more are inter-related and of

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Technology, Design & the Business of Aging – Canada

Time to shine some light on Canada’s initiatives where technology, design and the business of aging connect. In previous blog posts, I’ve referenced TAGlab (Technologies for Aging Gracefully) which is now set to receive funding from another new organization from the Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) – AGE-WELL. (Yes, this too is an

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Technology, Design & the Business of Aging

Thursday this week is the Awards Day for the second Design Challenge at the Stanford Center on Longevity, an event where technology, design and yes the business of aging connect to celebrate innovation in the development of products for improving the experience of an extended lifetime. As a reminder from my March 10th blog post,

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