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Residential Prospects for Homing Pigeon Boomers – 1

You would be an entrepreneur executive with $2 Billion, foresight to look fifteen years out, and you had applied age-friendly marketing as a guide, to develop residential prospects for a reasonably affluent Boomer population looking right now for more choice in innovative urban sanctuaries. You would be Réal Bouclin, President and CEO of Réseau Sélection in

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Stanford Longevity Design Finalists, 2014-15

Enabling Personal Mobility Across the Life Span. This is the theme of the 2nd Design Challenge from the Stanford Center on Longevity announced in September 2014. Recently the eight project finalists were announced, with the top prize scheduled for April 9, 2015. This is one of those initiatives that I hope continues, because it does

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