Monthly Archives: November 2014

Financing Longevity. Some New Sense & Sensibility?

Picking up on Jonathan Chevreau’s Financial Independence Hub category “Debt & Frugality”, I mused on how that seems like some new play on Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility when it comes to our current dilemma – how good are we at (what I prefer to call) ”financing longevity”? Chevreau’s FindependenceHub category “Debt & Frugality” echoes

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Found Your “Findependence”?

Jonathan Chevreau has a philosophy around financial independence, which he has redefined Findependence; moving people to think beyond the concept of financial planning for “retirement”. That’s the old narrative. His new narrative aligns nicely with my thinking, which I’ve suggested for years – that financial planning for that fixation called retirement is really about “financing

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Longevity: Brain Health and Aging

Origin rainforests. Ocean depths. Outer space. These still are, to a large extent, our frontiers of exploration. Yet our greatest frontier, in which there are profound mysteries, abundant possibilities and killer threats – is the human brain. How we understand better the ways the brain works will lead us ideally to more discoveries, encouraging brain

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