Monthly Archives: September 2014

Science & Technology, Looking for Longevity

What a stimulating summer this has been, filtering through more than one contrasting view at a time; reading articles, blogs and books – science and technology looking for longevity, while hearing conversations around me in real time prattling on about the road to a comfortable retirement. Have you ever tried listening to music by Shostakovich

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Aging Gracefully, a TAGlab Solution.

Cognitive impairment. Mobility limitations. Social isolation. Can these elements of aging be lived with “gracefully”? TAGlab in Toronto believes so. This isn’t the first time I’ve referenced this team of professionals at the University of Toronto. I first met one of their team at the MaRS Business of Aging Summit in 2012. Their enthusiasm for

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Stanford Longevity Design Challenge 2014-15

The 2nd Design Challenge from the Stanford Center on Longevity has been announced to start on September 23, 2014 with the call for sponsors. The theme for this year is Enabling Personal Mobility Across the Life Span. Obviously this initiative has broader reach than just older adults. Improving mobility at all touch points of life

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